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Claim These $3000+ Worth Of Bonuses When You Upgrade To Groove Platinum Lifetime Through Aimee

These 7 Exclusive Bonuses are for YOU when you upgrade to the Lifetime Deal!

NOTE: This offer is for members who have signed up to their Free account AND Lifetime Upgrade through me. Groove associates your lifetime account to your email address so please use the SAME email address that you used in your free account when you checkout and pay for your lifetime account. 


groovefunnels bonuses

You’re going to get access to my super secret Google Ads Bootcamp course.

This course is WORTH $1297 and is from real world life experience of making $10,000 worth in affiliate commissions on a small budget.

I have personally spent weeks recording every video showing you my step-by-step process on getting traffic to your offers. 

This is the EXACT strategy I used to make $6,410 in Groove Affiliate commissions in less than 20 days and it works even better on NEW affiliate offers!

If you’ve seen any of my training on Youtube, you’ll know I don’t beat around the bush and this course is no different.

This is worth more than 10 bonuses put together and is a priceless skill that you can apply to any online and offline business you pursue.

This is the first time I’m revealing how to get to the top of Google while paying the least amount per click…

Google search traffic is one of the highest traffic sources online – Stop chasing customers and let them find you at the top of Google with their credit card in hand.

I DON'T sell this course online, it’s created exclusively for Groove members who have signed up to a free account + upgrade to my link below.

Checkout the screenshots below of what you will get inside:

google ads bonuses


groovefunnels bonuses

Use my done-for-you GroovePages bridge page and lead generation funnel templates to save time and money.

You don’t have to hire a funnel designer, use these templates to build your email list from free traffic or drive paid traffic to generate leads.

These are simple funnel pages but I personally use them for my own marketing campaigns.

You get access to these pre-design landing pages and lead generation funnel templates:

  • Template #1: Bridge Page without an opt-in form – Use this template when you want to warm up your lead and pre-sell an affiliate product without collecting their email. This helps increase conversions and creating a retargeting audience.

  • Template #2: Lead generation with opt-in and thankyou page – This template has been used for free traffic and paid traffic, it works in both scenarios. Use this template to build your email list and generate leads and follow up with an email autoresponder or sequence.

  • Template #3: Lead generation with two columns opt-in and thankyou page – This template has been used for free traffic and paid traffic, it works in both scenarios. Use this template to build your email list and generate leads when you want your information to be above the fold where the user doesn’t have to scroll as much.

  • Just make a few changes to your copy, swap out the image to your own, connect your email marketing provider and you’re good to go!


    groovefunnels bonuses

    Writing emails is a necessity because the money is in the email follow up.

    So if you promote or sell digital products, have a online course or membership site...

    You NEED these pre-written weekly email swipe files to follow up with your prospects and customers on auto-pilot.

    You can have pretty sales funnels but if you don’t have follow-up emails, you’re leaving money on the table.

    When it comes to writing engaging emails, there are dozens of amateur mistakes waiting to trap your success by boring your readers and letting your offers go to the spam box.

    Knowing what to write in emails is HARD especially when you’re not a professional copywriter.

    Professional copywriters charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for writing engaging emails that get opened and clicked on.

    What are in these emails?

    High converting email copy: Utilize the art of persuasion through words to engage your prospects and increase your open rates and click through rates.

    Spam-proof emails: never again worry about your emails going to the spam folder, these pre-written email swipes increases your email delivery rate.

    Use these emails to get people to binge read or watch your content and have them take action!

    Grab one email or use ALL of the pre-written emails provided and schedule them out for the next 6 months!

    Save loads of time, nurture your prospects and customers on auto-pilot using the power of emails. All you need to do is copy, paste, tweak and send!


    groovefunnels bonuses

    Whether you’re selling an online course or have your own products and services, you can always do with more income.

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to supplement your online income and business.

    New and advanced marketers promote affiliate programs that have recurring lifetime commissions NOT one-off products.

    Affiliate marketing is passive income, scalable, no customer support, no expensive startup costs or inventory and location independent.

    Look at the top entrepreneurs or marketers in the industry who have their own products, courses and programs.

    You know how they make money every month in addition to selling their programs?

    They’re increasing their income by promoting the tools they using to run their online business. More often than not, these tools and softwares have recurring affiliate income.

    I’ve done the hard work for you and spent time researching, filtering and collating the best 130+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs you can promote to supplement your income. 


    These are the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet marketers are running to generate over $1 million in sales.

    Use the ads in this swipe file for market research and inspiration for your own ads or when writing copy.

    Save hours of competitor spying and model off the giants who have already made it online.

    See their ad copy and study the copy that these top marketers are using to run profitable campaigns.

    This will help you figure out what hook, story, and irresistible offer they are using to make people STOP and pay attention.


    groovefunnels bonuses

    There is only ONE of you and 24 hours in the day. You can’t do everything on your own.

    If you don’t start outsourcing tedious jobs, eventually you’ll get burnt out and give up.

    I don’t want that to happen to you.

    I spent years working on my own and the moment I got a virtual assistant, my income sky rocketed.

    I was able to focus on my zone of genius and perform more of the money making activities.

    You can get a virtual assistant for as low as $25 per day, working 8 hour per day for you.

    Here are the tasks I give to my VA:

    • Social media images
    • Editing videos for Youtube
    • YouTube optimization
    • Transcribing videos
    • Creating blog posts
    • Content calendar creation and more!

    Trust me, you’ll never run out of tasks to give to your assistant.

    Basically, whatever content you can imagine sharing through your website or sales funnels, a virtual assistant can help you create it.

    Get my video training and messaging templates that I used to hire a VA for a fraction of the cost.

    More importantly, the process I use to filter down applicants and hire a high-performing VA who gets stuff done!


    groovefunnels bonuses

    Finding and choosing a profitable niche is ONE of the most important things you need to get RIGHT from the start.

    Being in an unprofitable niche sucks because you could have spent the countless hours making money elsewhere.

    I’ve been in the marketing, dating, health, local business, consumer goods, financial, home crafts niche and more!

    I’ve implemented small and large campaign in several niches over the last decade so you tend to know which niches are profitable.

    Here’s the secret… the most profitable niches to start an online business in is: 


    Well it’s not so secret 🙂

    These are mass market niches that have tough competition. The key is to finding various sub-niches within these huge niches to get a piece of the action.

    In this profitable niche list, you’ll find specific examples of profitable sub-niches and hobbies you can go after that make make bank.

    Follow These Steps To Claim $3000+ Worth of Bonuses Today!

    1. Click on the green button right at the bottom of this page
    2. This will open up the Groove's free sign up page in a new tab (these bonuses are not available if you already have a free account elsewhere)
    3. Once you're on the sign up page, click on the pink “get started for free” button
    4. Wait for the sign up form to load, and look for my referral id underneath the pink  Get Free Access  button (I've added a red rectangle around it in the screenshot below)
    aimee groove bonuses

    In case it’s hard to see, my referrer ID is: v3482

    If you see referrer: v3482 underneath the pink   Get Free Access   button, you’re good to go!

    After you sign up to your Free account, login to the GrooveFunnels Dashboard and it will look like the screenshot below:

    aimee groove bonuses

    See those two pink “Upgrade” buttons on the left panel or on the top right?  Click on any of the pink "Upgrade" button

    You will then arrive on the page that explains the GrooveFunnels lifetime upgrade.

    aimee groove bonuses

    Click on the yellow “Upgrade to Lifetime Platinum” button and choose the payment plan that works best for you.

    Just make sure that you see my referrer ID again when you check out. (I've added a red rectangle around it in the screenshot below).

    aimee groove bonuses
    • In case it's hard to see, my referral id v3482 in the above image
    • If you don't see my id, click the green button below and open it in "Incognito"
    • Once again, check to see if my id v3482 underneath the complete purchase pink button.
    • NOTE: Please create your free Groove account through my link FIRST before upgrading.  Ensure you use the SAME email address when checkout and pay for your Lifetime account. Otherwise I won’t get credit for it and you won’t receive your bonuses.